10 Things You Must Experience in New York City

10 Things You Must Experience in New York City

It’s the city of dreams. Thousands of people flock to New York City each year to experience its beautiful skyline, enjoy the many attractions, and be a part of the most populous city in the United States and the most populous urban area in the world. The city has a lot to offer, from thousands of jobs to thousands of pizzerias. Attractions line the city with unmatched experiences and electronic LED screens light up the city in Times Square. There is so much to explore in this large city and too many things to squeeze into one trip. It would take 10 week-long trips to even skim the surface of what NYC has to offer. If you’ve never been to the magical, breathtaking city, here are ten things that you must experience while there:

Central Park
In the center of the concrete jungle of Manhattan is none other than the urban green landscape, Central Park. The park, which sizes at 843 acres, is a beautiful free attraction to explore. Everything from bicycle racing to joggers to dogwalkers and street performances line the sidewalks and green patches of the beautiful park.

The Classic Pizza Joints
NYC is famous for its pizza. Don’t believe me? There’s a pizza joint on every corner, and it’s the best pizza you’ll have had in a while.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
You haven’t visited New York until you’e explored the artsy side of things. The Museum of Art ranks as one of the best art museums in the world, with everything from Medieval pieces to Expressionist masterpieces.

Grand Central Station
Taking the train? Not taking the train? It doesn’t matter. Either way, you should definitely take in the wonderful views of the Grand Central Terminal. Almost one million commuters dash in and out of the terminal every day. During midday is the best to visit, people watch, enjoy a cup of coffee at the many small breakfast stands or shop around in the boutiques in the brick hallways.

Empire State Building
This 102-story building is one you can’t miss. It was once the world’s tallest building for more than 40 years. This American icon is a magnificant architectural masterpiece. Tourists and visitors can ride all the way to the top and see NYC in a whole new perspective, stretching as far as the eye can see, atop the observation decks.

Times Square
Easily the most visited attraction and most populous for tourists (many New Yorkers like to avoid this area), Time Square is the most overwhelming, most beautiful, strangest thing you will ever experience in New York City. With electronic billboards everywhere you look, TV screens, flashing marquees, ten-story shopping centers, and more, you’re sure to get lost in the sea of lights–but it’s so worth it.

The Brooklyn Bridge
Need to get away from the hustle bustle of the city lights? (Sorry, you can’t really get away from the people in NYC). Take a walk or rent a bike and explore The Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge has a pedestrian pathway that welcome all New Yorkers and tourists alike.

The Statue of Liberty
It goes without saying, the Statue of Liberty is an attraction you must see. Whether onboard the State Island Ferry or directly at Lady Liberty’s feet, it’s amazing to view upon the spectacle. Climb to the top of her crown and see out the tiny lookout area for a breathtaking view, or enjoy the amazing views from below.

Chinatown, Manhattan is a bustling neighborhood in the depths of Manhattan. This neighborhood alone estimates to about 100,000 people, and the area is considered one of the oldest ethnic Chinese enclaves outside of Asia. Try the wonderful food and explore the many shopping options the area has to offer.

One World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial
Initially known as the “Freedom Tower,” One World Trade Center is the tallest structure in NYC and the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world and sits in lower Manhattan. Following the desctruction of the original World Trade Centers, the planning began to implement a new structure, to honor those who lost their lives and symbolize unity. The 9/11 Memorial which sits at Ground Zero honors and respects the victims.

New York City is a place to visit. With its breathtaking views and amazing, endless attractions, you can’t not take a trip at least once. After all, as Taylor Swift says, “It’s been waiting for you.”

About the Author: Jamie is a guest contributor for Stanton House Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Greenwich, Connecticut, an hour outside of New York City.