10 Foolproof Travel Tips

10 Foolproof Travel Tips

Depending on where your destination lies, you’ll find a treasure trove of different travel advice on where to stay, where to go, and what to do while you’re off traveling. But before you think about itineraries and location-specific travel tips, there are some basic principles that apply to any trip. Here are our top 10 travel tips that are applicable to any destination.

1. Don’t pack your itinerary too full of activities before you arrive that you don’t have any time to relax and enjoy your vacation. We know that you want to see and do as much as possible, but you’ll enjoy yourself more if you’re calm and relaxed and have time to observe and absorb the culture. You’ll remember the simple pleasures of unexpected delights on your travels far more than another museum you packed into an exhausting day.

2. Pack a refillable water bottle to use throughout your trip. Keeping hydrated will help you to stay healthy and happy as you travel, and you’ll save a boatload by not having to pay for bottled water at overpriced tourist spots. Plus, it’s way better for the environment.

3. Make copies of any and all important documentation before you embark on your travel vacation. 99% of the time you’ll never need the photocopied passport, identification, or credit cards, but if there is ever an occasion where you do, you’ll be very glad that you took the precaution.

4. Bring a couple of books, even though they’re heavy. Having more than one book is important because we’re fickle creatures and there’s always a chance that the one book you brought might not tickle your fancy. There’s no greater pleasure than sitting at a coffee shop in a new place with a novel and a well-rested pair of eyes to do some people watching.

5. Pack for the person you are, not for the person you want to be. Don’t pack uncomfortable clothing because you want to look chic in your new destination. Go ahead and bring a few fancy outfits, but if that’s all you pack, you’re quickly going to be craving your tennis shoes and leggings.

6. Be flexible and expect that some of your plans don’t work out. When you’re on a trip, every excursion that doesn’t go as planned is a new chance to make a memory and see something that you hadn’t planned to see. Don’t let any setback ruin your day.

7. Apply sunscreen multiple times every day, even if you don’t think you need it. Sometimes we don’t realize how much walking we are doing and how much this exposes us to the sun. There’s nothing worse than spending a whole trip sunburnt because you weren’t careful on the first day.

8. Do something outside of your comfort zone every day. Don’t do anything unsafe, obviously, but trying a new food or a new outdoor activity can be an exhilarating experience, especially when you’re doing it in a new and exciting place.

9. Learn basic manners in the foreign language, if nothing else. If you have to speak English and hope that your point gets across for your entire trip, you should at least apologize for it. “Hello”, “goodbye” ,”I’m sorry”, “excuse me”, and “where is the bathroom?” are good places to start.

10. Pack more underwear than you think you need. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.