10 Things You’re Forgetting to Bring to the Beach

10 Things You’re Forgetting to Bring to the Beach

Heading to the beach? Spring break (for most of us anyway) is almost here, despite the frigid temperatures in most of North America. If you’re planning a vacation that involves endless hours spent on the beach, it’s likely you’ll have a detailed list of items to pack. Obviously, you’ll bring sunscreen, a beach towel, bottled water, and a few other common necessities. Here are 10 things you might be forgetting to pack.

1. A Deck of Cards. Plan for a rainy or cloudy day. If it’s raining, you have something to pass the time indoors while waiting. Even if you have some down time while lounging in the sand, pull out a deck of cards while enjoying the sun’s rays.

2. Udderly Smooth Moo Cream. Sand can be rough on the feet and hands. It’s itchy and can even cause rashes. Moo Cream is a great product for soothing skin and easing discomfort caused from rough textures. You can purchase it at almost any drugstore or online.

3. Shell Bags. Bring mesh bags to collect shells. They cost about a dollar almost anywhere.

4. Pain and Fever Medicine. Pack some Tylenol or Advil for unexpected heat headaches or sun burns. Find a medicine that works well for you in case you need a pain reliever.

5. Waterproof Camera. You may not think you’ll want it, but trust us, you will. It’s a great way to make memories while swimming in the ocean. Whether you’re going snorkeling, diving or swimming with dolphins, you’ll want to bring a waterproof camera to document your adventures.

6. Portable Phone Charger. It’s unlikely you’ll find many electrical outlets out on the beach. Plan for your mobile phone’s battery to drain as you likely won’t be using WiFi either. Pack a portable charger as a backup. They run pretty cheap starting at about $8 and you can even find some for $5. You can purchase one of these at nearly any grocery or drugstore.

7. Antibacterial Wipes. These are perfect for a quick cleanse before eating a packed lunch.

8. SPF Lip Balm. You’ll likely remember the SPF sunscreen, but remember that lips are also prone to sun burns. Pack a lip balm with SPF 15 for extra precaution.

9. Change. A lot of public beaches might charge for parking at meters. Even if you don’t think the beach you’re headed to charges, have some cash and change on hand just in case.

10. Whistles. Especially great for larger groups (or large families), having a whistle around everyone’s neck is simply a saftey precaution. If someone is too tired out in the water and cannot swim to shore, they have a whistle to blow for help. It can also be a great tool for rallying up a group of friends or family.

About the Author: Molly is a guest contributor from Shoreline OBX Vacation Rentals, providing vacation rentals in the Outer Banks in North Carolina.