5 of the Most Unusual Hotels in the World

5 of the Most Unusual Hotels in the World

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, some that are completely a whole different world. When booking a hotel, what do you look for? Comfort? Price? Accomodations? Theses are all main components that go into reserving a room for your vacation. In some places, hotels are more than rooms with a bed.

If you’re looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, the world is full of unique hotel options that you’ve been overlooking.

Aydinli Cave House Hotel | Göreme, Turkey
Looking to bring out your inner speleologist? This some-what new hotel (opened in 2008) is located in Turkey and yes, it’s 14-room hotel carved into a cave with rock that dates back 750 years. It’s family-owned and has an earthy feel to its decor. The hotel is intricate and carved beautifully into the cave, and it offers plenty of tourist experiences and accomodations to make you feel welcome.

Save the Beach Hotel | Various Locations
This hotel, as you might have guessed, promotes saving the beach–and it’s made of trash. It’s part of Corona’s campaign to stop beach pollution. Hundreds of beaches are polluted with trash but this hotel (inspired by a German artist) wants to make it clear that we should stop throwing our trash away and put it to use. This mobile “pop-up” hotel made an appearance in some locations around the world, and only has a five rooms and are lined in fishing nets, plastic bags, and overall, 13 tons of garbage. You might think it’s the “trashiest” hotel to ever exist, but it actually prides itself as one of the cleanest, and “fully disinfected.”

Treehotel | Harads, Sweden
Ever wanted to stay in a “real” tree house? Look no further because Treehotel makes that dream a reality. It’s located in the Village of Harads in Sweden and the contemporary tree house designs are a beautiful contrast with the natural backdrop of the forest.

Seaventures Rig Resort | Pulau Mabul, Malaysia
You’ve probably never considered (or even imagined) staying on an oil rig, but it’s certinaly a possibility in Malaysia. In one of the world’s best diving locations, you can stay at an old oil rig (of course, it’s not in operation). This hotel is a diver’s dream as it has a lift that lowers divers into the water to explore the reef below.

Amangiri | Utah, United States
This hotel, comprised of 34 suites, prides itself as a peaceful, mountainous place. The captiviating views are ones that you won’t want to miss out on. Amangiri is nestled into the valley and rock of the Southern Utah desert and has hundreds of acres of trail to explore and an Aman spa.

About the Author: Natalie is a guest contributor from Our Finesse Collection, connecting travlers with resorts and holiday and vacation planning.