6 Things You Must Do at Hilton Head

6 Things You Must Do at Hilton Head

If ever you find yourself on Hilton Head Island, consider yourself in paradise. Hilton Head is one of the many beautiful tourist destinations year round. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina welcomes thousands of vactioners each year, especially during the summer. Thousands of years ago, Native Americans inhabited the island, therefore, the region itself is primarily known for its history. With countless public beach access areas, trails, cultural opportunities, and more, there’s plenty to do and see at Hilton Head.

Here are the things you should take advantage of while on the island:

Spend the Day at the Beach

Hilton Head is home to public beachs and parks. There are also wheelchair-accesible beaches, as well. Spend the day at the Hilton Head public beach, rent out some beach equipment, enjoy the South Carolina sun, and relax. There are endless beach equipment rentals throughout Hilton Head, so if you need an umbrella, a beach bike, or even mobility solutions, you don’t have to look far.

Take a Guided Tour

There are endless options of guided tours to take at Hilton Head. You can choose a boat tour to whale watch, take a kayak tour, an adventure cruise, or even an aerial adventure.

Explore the Island’s History

If you’ve ever heard that South Carolina is rich with history, then you heard right, but that history mostly belongs to Hilton Head. In 1663, William Hilton discovered the island and it was at that point the beginnings of the first plantations started. Hilton, however, was not the first to visit the island. The Spanish had come across the island more than 100 years prior to his discovery. All these things and more you can learn while on Hilton Head Island.

Visit the Nature Preserves

If you love wildlife, then Hilton Head has something perfect for you. Hilton Head is home to the Newhall Audubon Nature Preserve and the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Here you can expect to see unique wildlife, including bobcats, a variety of birds, and plenty of other plantlife to see.

Take a Kayaking Trip

Hilton Head might be surrounded by a larged body of ocean water, but it’s also known for its streams and rives through run throughout the island. Waterways and inlets are perfect for a kayaking trip. Though your arms might be sore the next day, that’s what relaxing on the beach is for.

Explore the Trails

Some of the best hiking in South Carolina is on Hilton Head. Rent a bike or simply take a hiking trip through the designated paths that lead to points of interest on the island.

About the Author: Haley is a guest contributor from Beachside Getaway, a provider of vacation rentals throughout Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.