Best Accessible Travel Destinations

Best Accessible Travel Destinations

Planning for a vacation can be more difficult when you are planning a vacation that meets someone’s accessible needs. There is a lot of thinking that goes into planning out your vacation, including where you can stay, where you can eat, and what places allow you to be a tourist. There are only a few resources out there that help others plan an accessible vacation that works for them. Here are a few travel destinations all over the world that meet accessible standards.

Every city around the world has something to offer that another city does not offer. One of the best things about traveling the world is exploring those cities and figure out what makes them unique. Some of the most accessible cities are Seattle, Washington; Montreal, Canada; Sydney, Australia; and Dublin, Ireland. Seattle has some of the best accessible transportation, making it easier to sight see and explore. Montreal has many wheelchair friendly activities. Sydney has some of the best wheelchair accessible restaurants. Dublin is very flat, which makes it easier to get around in a wheelchair.

A lot of people also travel to view the beautiful landscapes of places all over the world. Some people might think some of those places are impossible to visit, assuming that their needs just will not be met. Travelers with accessible needs can visit the Galapagos and the Amazon of Ecuador in some locations and with arranged tours in advance. In Sicily, Italy, guests can partake in a load of excursions including scuba diving and viewing an active volcano.

Everyone loves to spend the day on the beach at least once during their vacation! Luckily, there are some beaches that offer more accessible ways to enjoy the beach, sun, and sand. Hanauma Bay in Hawaii offers beach wheelchairs for guests to use for the day free of charge. This chair allows guests to ride on the sand to where the tide meets the shore. There are also places along the beaches of New Jersey that allow guests to rent beach wheelchairs and they can access the beach on accessible boardwalks.

Theme parks in certain travel locations are sometimes the only reason that a travel destination is popular. Amusement parks and theme parks are already hectic as it is, but when there are accessible options, it makes it easier to meet accessible needs. The Disney theme parks are accessible. Another theme park that is known for being accessible is Morgan’s Wonderland, located in Texas. All of the rides there are made handicap accessible.

About the Author: Sean is a guest contributor from Global Lift Corp, a company that specializes in creating commercial grade pool lifts.