Best Day Spas in Encinitas, CA

Best Day Spas in Encinitas, CA

Encinitas is a tranquil San Diego County community that has a wonderful beachside locale. If you’re looking to take it easy in the North County city, you can’t go wrong by spending a day on the soft and smooth sands. You also can’t go wrong by visiting one of the area’s plentiful choices in day spas. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for beautification or for pure tranquility. Encinitas and its day spa options are sure to enchant you.


Lemongrass Aveda Salon & Spa is ideal for people who want to escape reality for a couple of hours or so. If you’re searching for a day spa in Encinitas that opts for holistic methods, then Lemongrass Aveda Salon & Spa may be for you. It gives clients access to pleasant massages that last for an hour and a half. Individualized massages are the name of the game at the day spa. Other options that are on the menu are body scrubs, prenatal massages for expectant women and even reflexology.

Four Moons Spa is a contemporary day spa that presents clients with options that are suitable for their complexions and bodies. People who want to concentrate on their complexions can opt for tanning, waxing and facials. If you want to give your complexion a moist and dewy glow, a hydrating facial may be ideal. If you want to get rid of undesired hair on your body, waxing may be helpful as well. People who visit Four Moons Spa can go for enzyme peels, arm massages, body massages and much more.

The Encinitas Spa has been accommodating people in the region since its founding in 2009. It’s an Encinitas destination that gives people choices in hair extraction, massages and facials. If you have worries about skin that’s excessively dry or dull, facials at the spa may aid you. If you feel self-conscious about noticeable hair on your legs, hair removal at the spa may aid you, too. People who want to do away with lackluster and tired old skin cells frequently gravitate to the spa’s peels. Clients at The Encinitas Spa can pick between body, “express” and classic peels as they desire. The aestheticians who represent this day spa are all sedulous, detail-oriented, certified and qualified individuals. They include a handful of consummate professionals such as Suzanne, Caprianna and Christina. The Encinitas Spa’s treatment options are copious.

If you plan on staying in Encinitas, consider staying at theĀ Inn at Moonlight Beach which is considered one of the top wellness retreats in the Encinitas regional area.While staying here, you can choose to supplement your stay with choosing one of the many spa packages!