Decoration Ideas for An Above Ground Pool

Decoration Ideas for An Above Ground Pool

Having an underground pool is a nice addition to add to your home but, they can be pretty expensive. An alternative to an underground pool is to purchase an above ground pool, which is normally cheaper than an underground pool. Sometimes the inflatable blue material or the tile of the outside of the above ground pool does not always match the house it belongs to. If you are looking to fancy up your above ground pool, here are a few decoration ideas.

Inflatable Pools

Above Ground Pool 2 Picture

If you are interested in getting rid of the usual bright blue color of the inflatable pool, you could create a gate or a fence around it to make it blend in with your backyard better. Make sure the fence runs along the exterior of the pool to match the exterior of your home. This will make your above ground pool look more in sync and less out of place. In addition, you can hang signs and other decorations on the gate or fence as well. Also, you could plant flowers to add wanted colors in that area.

An alternative to creating a whole fence that runs around the exterior of the pool is to add tiki torches surrounding the pool. These are a good addition if you use your pool for night swimming. Another thing that you could do if you use your above ground pool for night swimming is to hang lights around the tiki torches for the night swimmers. This will add a cute and classy touch to your inflatable pool.

Hard Side Pools

This next idea is a great idea for people who love to spend all day swimming in the sun. This idea is to create a tiki bar on one side of the pool. This idea originates from a blog called Crafty in Crosby. Basically the idea is to create a swim up tiki bar for your above ground pool, just like the one you see at resorts. In the blog post, it goes through the materials you need: pallets, metal brackets, 2 cans of spray paint, a piece of wood, tiles, and an umbrella. To see how this creation was fully made, check it out here.

Above Ground Pool Picture

Another way to make your above ground pool blend in better with your backyard and your house is to build a deck around the pool. This way, you can add stairs, room for tables and beach chairs, and as many levels you want. After building the base of your deck, this allows you to decorate your deck however you would like, just like any other regular outdoor deck in a backyard.

About the Author: Nicki is a guest contributor from Global Lift Corp, an ADA approved company that sells pool lifts, including rotational above ground pool lifts.