Disabled Americans: When Pool Lifts Are Necessary

Disabled Americans: When Pool Lifts Are Necessary

Do you know someone with a disability? Chances are you can think of a few individuals. Disabled people actually make up one of the biggest minority groups in the United States. Disabilities can be physical, mental, emotional, sensory or cognitive.

All together, 20% of Americans have been determined to have some type of disability, both mental as well as physical. That’s one in every five people you know.One in ten has a severe disability. These results are based on The Disability Census 2000. It is important to consider those who are disabled.

Pool lifts are available for disabled Americans and can be found at Swimtown’s online pool store. As Americans, despite the fact that we don’t have universal health care, assistance is available for disabled persons in most urban areas. Areas such as the Great Plains, however, are less likely to have such facilities and services. Physical disabilities refer to any impairment that hinders a person either in movement or motor ability.

There are two possible causes of physical disability. One is prenatal causes, or disabilities present prior to birth. These are often caused by any illness the mother has suffered during her pregnancy or incompatible genetics between parents. There are also perinatal causes, which occur during birth. An example of this would be any brain damage due to the improper use of forceps or blocked airways. This term also applies to babies who are born prematurely. The third possible cause for physical disability involves postnatal causes, in which a person could develop disabilities due to accidents or sickness.

There are three types of physical disabilities. These include visual impairment, hearing impairment and mobility impairment. Mobility impairment involves conditions where one does not have the ability to skillfully use one’s limbs, as movement is impaired. This condition can either be congenial or brought about by old age. Congenital disability defines a disability that was caused within the uterine environment. Certain diseases can also be associated with physical disabilities. Those who have suffered dramatic bone fractures can also be considered disabled.

If you know someone who suffers from a disability, then you may know that often times, special equipment is needed to help disabled people experience the same quality of life that able-bodied people experience. One such device is a pool lift. Check out pool lifts available at Swimtown Pools by browsing their products online. Also check out all the products that the pool store has to offer.