Fall Camping in Northern California

Fall Camping in Northern California

Northern California boasts some of the state’s most beautiful beaches, national parks, and natural sights for visitors. During fall, the colorful autumn foliage is in full bloom, making the region that much more beautiful to be around. Sure, camping is warmer in the summer, but imagine waking up to the fall crisp air each morning and sitting by the campfire with a warm cup of coffee. If this sounds inticing to you,  here are some of Northern California’s best camping spots in the fall.

Railroad Park Resort

Located just south of Mt. Shasta, the Railroad Park Resort is one of the state’s most unique camping experiences. Aside from offering cabins and a tent campsite, the resort also provides accommodations in the form of classic railroad cars. Railroad cars are great for families, couples, and have a vintage look emblematic of the early 20th century. Additionally, there is a restaurant railroad car adorned with classic ornaments. Surrounded by beautifully colored autumn mountains and a short walk from some hiking trails, this is an ideal location to get a fun twist to your otherwise typical camping ventures.

Lassen National Park

Lassen National Park is nicely situated around dozens of campgrounds, mountains, and lakes for an amazing outdoor experience. Mount Lassen, an active volcano, presents a great hike for those looking for a challenge and a beautiful peak to look out from. The park is rich in hydrothermal sites, like Bumpass Hell, that stretch with acres of bubbling mud pots. This is a great location to reach the surrounding trails, mountains, and natural adventures as the surrounding parks are well connected.

Redwood National Park

Known as the home of the tallest trees on earth, Redwood National Park is scenically lined up along Northern California’s coastline. The parks surrounding the area are a collection of protected forests, beaches, and grasslands. You can find trails through old, dense woods, canyons with high, plant-covered walls, elks grazing through prairies, and, of course, giant redwoods.

Lake Tahoe Campground

Lake Tahoe is an iconic Northern California natural sight. Great for boating in the summer, skiing in the winter, and camping throughout the year, it’s no wonder the lake has attracted the level of fame we see today. During the fall, you can enjoy most of your water sports activities, if the weather permits, and enjoy the beautiful fall colors with a short trip to Hope Valley. The lake is big enough to avoid crowds and neighbors a few national parks for any additional trips.