Family Friendly Activities in Santa Barbara, CA

Family Friendly Activities in Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is nicknamed the American Riviera, but it is not just for romance. Santa Barbara has a plethora of family-friendly activities that the whole gang can enjoy.

First, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History offers a great selection of exhibits for all ages. Go inside the Bee Cell or visit the Curiosity Lab. Also featured is the skeleton of the earth’s biggest animal, a blue whale.

If studying biology isn’t quite your thing, you and your family are sure to enjoy the Santa Barbara Zoo. Not only is the zoo home to beautiful gardens, over 500 animals are on display here including lions, giraffes, flamingos, and reptiles of all shapes and sizes. Also featured are some rare exhibits, such as the endangered California Condor.

Don’t forget the great outdoors when in Santa Barbara! If you head to the Santa Barbara Harbour, you can embark on a family sea kayak adventure. Channel Islands National Park will give your family the opportunity to see a variety of animals in their natural habitats. Expect to see California brown pelicans, seagulls, sea lions and other seabirds. If you love the water, you can snorkel in the Park. Perhaps your family enjoys hiking – the Channel Islands National Park will not disappoint! Because Santa Barbara Island is only one square mile in size, a hike will only take a couple of hours. A final bonus is the ability to see some of the best whale-watching anywhere on earth.

Love the water? Learn to surf while in Santa Barbara! Many rental centers along the beach offer lessons in addition to board rentals.

If hitting the waves is out of the question, your entire family will enjoy learning about sea life at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center. Located at Stearns Wharf, this museum offers many interactive exhibits. Your child can learn what working as a marine biologist is like as they “work” alongside the scientists. There is also a live shark touch pool. Finally, the kids can crawl through a tide pool tank in order to see up close sea life in their own environment.

A world of fun awaits during a family vacation to Santa Barbara. Once you leave your Santa Barbara accommodations for the day, you’ll be surprised by all the fun things to see and do with the family.