Why Home Pools Don’t Require Pool Lifts

Why Home Pools Don’t Require Pool Lifts

There has been a lot of debate and confusion over pool lift laws, and whether or not the ADA requires certain pools to install or have accessible pool lifts. To put it simply, the ADA requires pool lifts for public and private industry pools, meaning those that are munciple pools, school pools, governement-owned pools, place of recreation, place of lodging, or a place of which addresses public accomodations.

The ADA draws this out in Title II and Title III of the American with Disabilities Act. In adherence to the law:

242.2 Swimming Pools. At least two accessible means of entry shall be provided for swimming pools. Accessiblemeans of entry shall be swimming pool lifts complying with 1009.2; sloped entries complying with 1009.3; transfer walls complying with 1009.4; transfer systems complying with 1009.5; and pool stairs complying with 1009.6. At least one accessible means of entry provided shall comply with 1009.2 or 1009.3.

So why don’t home pools require pool lifts? Simply, the law stands for facilities that are open to the general public. Home pools that are fenced in (required by law) and are on a homeowner’s private property, do not need a pool lift, unless the owner desires to install one. According to the law, the ADA states the public pools must have a sloped entry or a pool lift. However, condos, apartments, vacation homes, and all other relating may be required by law to comply if their pools are open to the general public for a period of time. Some conominiums, home complexes and home owners associations with an enclosed neighborhood pool do not have to comply, unless it is open to people outside of the general membership.

Home pools, such as those in a backyard, are not open to the general public, and may not need a pool lift because no one in the family may require one for entry into the water. Some home owners may choose to invest in a pool lift, which is beneficial if ever needed for another means of access–but in no way is it required by law for a home owner’s private pool.

About the Author: Austin is a guest contributor for Global Lift Corp, specializing in ADA-approved commercial grade pool lifts.