Indoor Activities to Bring Outside this Summer

Indoor Activities to Bring Outside this Summer

Summer heat has been a long time coming, and once it arrives, you’ll want to soak up as much as you can. The problem is that with as much technology as we have, we Americans spend the majority of our time indoors. While heading inside for a little air conditioning can be a great way to cool off on a hot day, it’s not where you should spend most of your summer. There are plenty of great things to do outside that can help you enjoy summer to its fullest, but here are some ideas for a few indoor activities that you can easily move outside to really make the most of your summer hours.

Playing Games

Though it would be pretty amazing to see someone hook up their console and television outside, we’re talking about family games. Summer is a time for fun and family, so grabbing a couple board games and setting up outside is a great way to spend time with your loved ones while getting some fresh air. It doesn’t have to be family game night, either. Go for a game day if you’d rather, and set up some fun games on the grass. Choose board games or a little something to get everyone moving. Whatever it is, just take it outside.


Who said reading had to be an indoor activity? One of the great things about books and other reading devices is that they’re portable. Grab a chair and sit under your favorite tree, get settled in on your porch, or even set up a blanket fort outside filled with every pillow you can find. Bring the book you’re currently reading, grab your e-reader, or find your iPad and bring it with you. How and where you read doesn’t matter so long as you get to enjoy a great story and a little fresh air at the same time.


Not everyone has access to a yard where they can camp out for the night, but maybe you have a roof you can get to or a friend’s house you can use. You don’t have to go camping to enjoy a night outside. Grab a tent and enjoy the fresh air while you sleep or just sleep under the stars. If you have kids, this is especially fun as kids typically enjoy the quality time and fun that a night of camping in your yard can offer.

Talking on the Phone

Sure, back when phones had to be hooked up to the receiver by one cord and attached to the phone line by another, it made sense to take your calls inside, but that is no longer the case. Just about everyone has a cellphone, and the odds are that your service is probably pretty good, so why not take your phone calls outside? We’re not saying you need to take your dog for a walk while you chat away, though that is a great idea, but staying inside while you talk is pointless. Go out to your patio, sit out on your porch, or even put it on speaker and talk while you tan. Mobile phones are called mobile phones for a reason.

Watching Movies

While movie theaters can be a great way to get a full movie-watching experience, the cold, dark cavern that each screening room seems to be is not the ideal way to spend your summer days. Instead, try seeing an outdoor movie. All over the country, people set up projectors to show a movie on the side of a building or on a screen they’ve set up outside. Many major parks have outdoor movies every weekend. You can come and sit on a blanket in the grass or pull up your car at a drive-in theater. Some vacation accommodations even offer outdoor movies as an added perk to your stay, like Pine River Ranch Bed and Breakfast and Wedding Destination, which shows films on the side of a nearby barn every month. If you’d rather the experience be a little more intimate or just for friends and family, you can rent or buy a projector and screen for fairly cheap to make your own outdoor theater.