What to do in Half Moon Bay

What to do in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is 40 miles south of San Francisco and world away. Enjoy beautiful beaches, lush hiking trails, and green golf courses. Named after its shaped bay, the town is full of lively history including the home of rum-runners during Prohibition and running aground of the USS DeLong in 1921. But Half Moon Bay’s beauty must be fully experienced in person and here are some of the best things to do when you visit Half Moon Bay, California.

The Beaches:

If it’s a California destination, beaches are the attraction. The most famous of the numerous beaches at Half Moon Bay is the Half Moon Bay State Beach. Watch the sunset as your grill out at the numerous picnic tables and grills. And if you’re feeling in touch with nature, stay overnight at the park at one of the campsites for tents and campers.


If staying overnight in a camper doesn’t suit you, then stay at a local inn or hotel in Half Moon Bay. Historic inns like Mill Rose Inn give you a magnificent dining and lodging experience with historic scenery and style. Although Half Moon Bay is a great day trip adventure from San Francisco but staying multiple nights will truly allow you to experience the best the area offers.

The Mavericks:

Half Moon Bay is another picturesque surfing spot on the California coastline. The Mavericks is Half Moon Bay’s notorious location to ride the break for big wave surfing. The rocky coast will make you work to get onto the surf, but its reclusive location makes the Mavericks feel like a secret location for a surfing El Dorado.

Dinosaurs of Spanish Town:

A Half Moon Bay landmark, the Dinosaurs of Spanish Town is just off Highway 92 and is a collection of gigantic rusted dinosaur sculptures. Rumored to be the set of the next Jurassic Park film, Spanish Town is host to a vibrant art community with sculptures as unique and beautiful as the metal dinosaurs.

Pumpkin Festival:

When you thought there was nothing else to celebrate, pumpkins finally have their day in Half Moon Bay. The festival began in 1971 to celebrate the region’s pumpkin patch population. The Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival takes place every year in downtown during late October as a celebration of all things pumpkin. Activities include music, pie, and the world’s biggest pumpkin sculpture.