MTV Talks Hardships

MTV Talks Hardships

MTV has been known for many things in its existence- first music videos, then everything from Newlyweds with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson to Jersey Shore to Teen Mom. One thing that MTV is not typically known for, though, is tackling a real issue with tact and grace. Against all odds, however, they seem to be doing just that with World of Jenks.

World of Jenks, entering its second season, features host Andrew Jenks immersing himself in the world of people living with disabilities and hardships as they transition into adulthood. This season, Jenks follows three individuals, and audiences get a chance to experience their struggles and successes seemingly firsthand. The featured individuals are Chad, who lives with autism and ADHD, Kaylin, a fashion designer battling cancer, and D-Real, a gang member turned street dancer.

Andrew Jenks is a young documentarian and activist who has been telling stories like the ones captured in World of Jenks throughout his career. His work with MTV began in 2010, and in the first season of the show he moved in with a new stranger each week to capture the daily experiences of their lives. In season two, Jenks focuses in on just three individuals to take a deeper dive into their lives.

This show takes a big step toward education the general public about misunderstood conditions and lifestyles, and addresses misconceptions in a way that’s relatable. By immersing himself in the worlds of these individuals, Jenks helps his audience to do the same. This creates a bridge to understanding that is often hard when it comes to things like autism, cancer, and gang lifestyle.

Full episodes of this show are available at and new episodes air on Monday nights on MTV.