Must-Have Souvenirs from North Georgia

Must-Have Souvenirs from North Georgia

One fun side of traveling is collecting precious souvenirs from the places we’ve been. These small keepsakes remind us of our exciting adventure on an exotic island or the time we first set foot in a busy metropolis. Every city or town we go to, there’s always that iconic souvenir that symbolizes that place. Key chains and fridge magnets are stereotypical items found in any gift shop, so I definitely won’t recommend that—especially when traveling to North Georgia. Small towns with mountain landscapes and teeming with contemporary crafts don’t just stop with a simple touristy T-shirt. There are lots more you can find if you know where to look.

Pottery hand-made in North Georgia

Drive down Highway 197 and you’ll find a series of pottery shops selling handmade jars, bowls, mugs, plates, etc. It’s no wonder that pottery is part of the Georgian culture, known for its bountiful clay resources. Stop by Mark of the Potter or the Soque Artworks and you’ll find a great knick-knack for the kitchen or your display cabinet.

Fine bottles of Georgia wine

Georgia wine is as impressive as its outdoor panorama. And even though it’s the Peach State, they definitely know how to grow their grapes. Their lush vineyards produce award-winning wines that you’ll be proud to serve at your dinner table. Take a winery tour at the Yonah Mountain Vineyards or the Habersham Winery via Glen-Ella Springs Inn, and don’t forget to bring home your favorite red!

Classic antique from the South

Another thing that North Georgia is famous for is its antiques. Thus, shopping is one way to spend a weekend here. In the charming town of Clarkesville, your eyes will feast on 18,000 square feet of art and antiques from various vendors at the Old Clarkesville Mill Art & Antique Mall. Or you can also visit the Homestead House, a definite tourist treat as they sell primitive and rustic Americana items in their log cabin shop built in the 1700s.

There you go! Nothing’s better than having something unique that can speak for itself the amazing time you’ve had in North Georgia. If you want to do more shopping, try the Tallulah Gorge Gift Shop located in the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center. The shop is like a blast from the past with its Victorian theme, and will bring you back to the time when wealthy travelers would visit the park. You’ll find lots of gift items with an Appalachian mountain theme so you can bring home the beauty of North Georgia back home.