Three Must-See Attractions in Greenwich

Three Must-See Attractions in Greenwich

Greenwich, Connecticut has a rich history, starting in the colonial times and extending into the 17th and 18th centuries. The town grew after the Revolutionary War and after the construction of the railroad in the 19th century, connecting it to New York City and then to New Haven and elsewhere. The town is now a beloved place of travel, for families and newlywed couples looking for a relaxing place.

While it is a small area, it can be difficult to find things to do, so here are the most common attractions in and around Greenwich.

Bruce Museum

The Bruce Museum is a major attraction within Greenwich. It was built as a private home in the 1800s for a lawyer, clergyman and historian Francis Lister Hawks. Five years after its construction, a man by the name Robert Moffat Bruce, purchased the home, and then later handed it over to the Town of Greenwich to be used as “a natural history, historical, and art museum” for the general public.

Today, the museum holds about 15,000 objects, ranging from old art pieces by local artists in the town and other items representing sciences and artifacts.

While its original structure is basically nonexistent after a renovation to the museum in 1992, the museum is a place many families travel to see, with extraordinary pieces and exhibitions.

LEO Zoological Conservation Center

Lionshare Educational Organization, or LEO, Zoological Conservation Center is a common attraction in Greenwich for family visits. This is a non-profit breeding reserve for rare and endangered animals, primarily with a focus on breeding these species that are at risk.

Unlike typical zoos, this center is committed to teaching its guests, students, researchers, Special Cause Groups, and supporting members about rare species, how to restore nature’s balance, and what it’s like working with endangered animals.

LEO also offers private safari tours for guests during the spring and fall months where people can interact with rare species and get an up-close and personal experiences with preserving wildlife.

Putnam Cottage

Take a step inside history’s door and explore what used to be known as “Knapp’s Tavern” during the American Revolution. Now called Putnam Cottage, this two-story red house is a national historic site in Greenwich, CT.

Guests can take tours through the cottage and learn about the history of the American Revolution and the cottage itself. This attraction is generally for your history buff, but families will enjoy this stop during your time in Greenwich.

About the Author: Chris is a guest contributor from Stanton House Inn, a bed & breakfast located in Greenwich, CT.