Myrtle Beach Haunted House Horror

Myrtle Beach Haunted House Horror

Fun and entertainment do not end with the summer in Myrtle Beach. With South Carolina’s reputation of having “haunted cities”, there are many ghastly attractions not for the weak of heart. There are plenty of actions going on all-year round, especially during the Halloween weekend—from trick-or-treating and costume parades to spooky haunted houses. So take your whole family along and get ready to scream your lungs out in these terror-filled locations.

Terror Under the Bridge

Prepare yourself for some reality-based horror in the Lower River Warehouse in downtown Conway. Aptly named as Terror Under the Bridge, the landmark is located under the Main Street Bridge on the Riverwalk. The 8,000-square-foot creepy warehouse built in the 1890s is believed to be haunted and the area’s only true Myrtle Beach Haunted House. Doors open at 7 pm from October 25 to Halloween night. Tickets are at $10 per person.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s on Ocean Boulevard offers the Haunted Adventure, a multi-million dollar haunted house with actors, animatronics, and bone-chilling special effects ready to frighten you out of your wits. Of course, when it comes to scare tactics, Ripley’s is the best because they combine technology plus the paranormal to make sure you enjoy walking through the giant haunted house.

Nightmare Haunted House

Known as “Myrtle Beach’s Darkest Attraction Since 1989”, Nightmare Haunted House assures that no guest will come out unscathed from the terror they promise. This haunted house attraction will bring out your deepest, darkest fears as you find a way to “survive” the six psycho characters that have visited people’s nightmares for some time. There’s Pigboy, Meathead, Stalker, Creeper, Buddyman, and Giggles to make sure you don’t sleep a wink after they are through with you.

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