Spring Break Attractions on Johns Island, SC

Spring Break Attractions on Johns Island, SC

Are you headed to the shores of South Carolina for spring break? If partying on the beach starts to get old, take a side trip to Johns Island. This big island is conveniently located near Charleston and several beach towns. It is a relaxing place to experience nature and outdoor adventures. Here are some activities that you can enjoy on Johns Island.

Hit the Trails with the Horses

The Mullet Hall Equestrian Center is a great place for horse lovers and other outdoorsy folks. It is a part of the large Johns Island County Park, where adventure is waiting on 20 miles of trails. The park doesn’t provide horseback riding lessons or horse rentals, but you are welcome to hike the trails with your own two feet. For only a dollar, you can walk all day among farms, forests, meadows, and locals on horseback.

Feeling too tired to walk? You can watch horse shows and horseback riding competitions at Mullet Hall. If you are not into horses, the equestrian center also hosts several other festivals. By visiting at the right time, you can enjoy everything from car shows to craft shows. You can check out the park’s schedule of events here.

Watch Wildlife from a Boat

Johns Island is home to several amazing creatures. When you visit the island, it is easy to take a boat to where the wild things are. Guided tours for groups are available. If you prefer to explore nature at your own pace, you can rent a boat and take it out yourself.

With a larger boat, you can look for dolphins and go swimming in the open bays and rivers. Kayaking is a great option for exploring the island’s many marshes. While you are paddling, keep your eye out for alligators, otters, minks, bald eagles, ducks, and egrets. It’s possible to stay near the beach if you book a vacation rental with Pam Harrington Exclusives.

Visit the Famous Angel Oak Tree

If you are a bit short on funds this spring break, you can still experience a wonder of nature on Johns Island. The gigantic Angel Oak Tree is a free attraction in a park near the island’s main road.

The Angel Oak is over 66 feet tall. This live oak tree’s branches are so long that they cover over half the area of a football field. This makes it a nice shady spot to visit on a hot day. No one knows exactly how old the Angel Oak is, but many believe that it was standing long before America became a nation. This tree even survived the fury of Hurricane Matthew, so it will be around for many years to come.