7 Things to Do in Prospect Park

7 Things to Do in Prospect Park

New York City is home to many parks, including Prospect Park. Located in New York City in the borough of Brooklyn, Prospect Park sits between several neighborhoods and is part of the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway. The park has undergone years of recovery and restoration after a long history of enduring the American Revolution, World War II, and enviornmental and landscaping problems. After the parks rebirth in the mid to late ’90s, it has been a place of recreation in Brooklyn. Prospect Park has grown into a place for families to gather and friends to come together to enjoy each other’s company. There’s plenty to do in the the area, from enjoy a quiet picnic on the green lawn or on the shore of Prospect Park Lake.

Here are some other things to check out in the neighborhood:

Prospect Park Zoo

prospect-park-zooIf you have kids with you (or even if you don’t), explore the wildlife at the zoo inside the park. The interactive wildlife center is great for kids. You can walk along the Discovery Trail, meet river otters, or see some Australian dingos.

Prospect Park Carousel

Take a break from the sun and ride on the carousel. Take your pick of 51 horses, a lion, a giraffe, a deer, or two dragon-pulled chariots. The cost is only $2 per ride and is open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

Grand Army Plaza

Stop for a photo opportunity at Grand Army Plaza. The elegant intersection features the Soldier’s and Sailors’ Memorial Arch.

Long Meadow

If you’re looking to relax, lounge on Long Meadow in Prosepct Park. The green space is also perfect for those with dogs. Long Meadow has a laxed off-leash policy which allows dogs to run free, enjoy Dog Beach, or take a swim in one of the waterways.

Prospect Park Ravine

Explore the beauty of Prospect Park by getting lose in the Ravine. Explore the dense forests, bodies of water, and wildlife of the park.

Lefferts Historic House Museum

This museum was built by the Dutch settlers and now operates as an educational center. Many of the activities are great for children, but adults will still enjoy this Prospect Park attraction as you can tour the space on weekends to take a journey through history to see how residents of Brooklyn lived in the 19th century.

3281729496_b710c2d29aGrowNYC’s Greenmarket

Located in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, you can shop for a range of fresh fruit and veggies from one of the two Greenmarkets in Prospect Park every Saturday. Shop from a list of vendors for locally-sourced items and ingredients, including dairy and meat from New Jersey, Connecticut and upstate New York.

About the Author: Paula is a guest contributor from At Home in Brooklyn, a bed and breakfast located in Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, NY.