Tips for Choosing a Wedding DJ or Band

Tips for Choosing a Wedding DJ or Band

After you both say your vows, say “I do,” and take your first kiss as a married couple, it’s time to celebrate! What’s a celebration without music at the reception? There is actually a lot more to the type of music you play at your wedding than you think. You can’t simply whip up a playlist on Spotify the night before and hope all goes well. Creating a wedding playlist on your laptop is doable, but not recommended. Too much could go wrong with the software, Wi-Fi, or the electronic itself. So consider hiring a professional DJ or band for the wedding. There are a lot more factors to take into consideration, because believe it or not, the music portion of the night is one of the most anticipated. People love to dance and love to sing. Here are some helpful tips when preparing the music for your big wedding night:

Ask Your Guests

You won’t be the only one dancing to the music on your big day. Your peers, friends, and family will also be in attendacne. Poll them and see what they like. Also, ask them about DJs and bands available or that they know of. They might have been to a recent party and heard a DJ or band they liked.

Consider the Venue

shutterstock_285890042_r620x349If you’re having an indoor wedding, test out the acoustics. If it’s outdoor, you might reconsider having a string instruments as they may not carry sound too well. If your wedding venue takes place in a public setting, some music and noise restrictions may apply.

Audition the Band/DJ

If you have the wedding funds, consider testing out certain bands or DJs. Don’t simply hire one from an ad you see. Rally a few and see which one you think might work best with your wedding. Some DJs struggle to mix up their music and others love to play only EDM. Find a DJ or band that will suit all musical needs for the night.

Write Up a Contract

You will need to get everything in writing if you choose to hire a DJ or band for your wedding. The contract should include, but doesn’t have to be limited to, costs, date, location, time, and overtime compensation if necessary. (If you are worried about overtime with your DJ, hire them for longer than you think you’ll need to esablish a safe time period.)

Establish a Do-Not-Play List

DJs or bands at your wedding will get requests. It will happen. There are some songs that could be a little to inappropriate for children at the wedding, so it’s a good idea to also write up in the music contract a do-not-play list.

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