Tips for Travelers

Tips for Travelers

Traveling is never as easy as it should be. First you have the tough decision of where to go and how long to stay. Next you have to decide how to get to your travel destination and where to stay.  For some travelers, the planning process doesn’t end there. Travelers with disabilities also have to consider accessibility. The hospitality industry provides many resources to travelers to accommodate the needs of everyone.

For any traveler, preparation is the key to a successful trip. Be sure to research your travel destination and hotel. Explore the transportation available to get to your destination as well as at your destination. Taxis are obtainable in most cities, but can be very pricey. Look into the accessibility of other forms of transportation such as trains and subways to make traveling easier. Know the layout of your travel destination before you go. Cities with cobble stone streets or hilly towns can be difficult for wheel-chaired travelers. Look into elevator access at popular tourist destinations and your hotel. Make inquires to your hotel about the available facilities and services for disable travelers. It is better to ask questions in advance than to arrive and not have the accommodations you need.  Many disabled travelers don’t know that it is now a law that hotels and public pools in the United States now have to offer pool lifts for their disabled guests.  Don’t be bashful when asking about this amenity.

After determining a destination and hotel that best suit your needs, deciding how to get there is next. If traveling by plane, be sure to make any special requests in advance. It is common for airlines to only allow one wheelchair on board, so early arrival can help that be yours. To ensure your wheel chair isn’t mistaken for the airlines or doesn’t get lost if checked, be sure to label it with your name and address. When checking in, don’t hesitate to ask for a seat that allows you to be most comfortable or provide you with easy access to the restroom. If necessary, take extra prescriptions in a carry on in case checked luggage is lost. Another option for travel is accessible van rentals. They allow for easy access in and out of the vehicle and there is no hassle when it comes to checking luggage and wheelchairs. Rentals are available worldwide and some locations have access to mobility products if needed.

Reaching out to other travelers can also help your planning process. They may be able to provide you with information potential hotels, airlines or rental companies cannot. No matter where you destination is or how you decide to get there, be sure to plan in advance. Early planning will help your trip go smoothly and allow you to enjoy your vacation!

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