Tips for Wheelchair Accessible Traveling

Tips for Wheelchair Accessible Traveling

A lot of restaurants, stores, and transportation have become more accessible for people who use wheelchairs today. But, there are still a lot of places in America and other parts of the world that are still not fully wheelchair accessible. But this does not necessarily mean that people who use wheelchairs cannot enjoy an amazing vacation. It is important to plan a vacation that will work for you and your needs. These tips will help people who use wheelchairs have the most fulfilled vacation.

Do Your Research

Wherever you decide to go on vacation, it is important to do your research to ensure that the area you will be staying in is accessible for you. A few hotel chains that offer accessible rooms are the Marriott Hotels and Hilton Hotels. If your hotel has a pool and you are in the mood to go swimming, it is important to make sure your hotel has pool lifts or allows you to bring your own pool lift. Another good tip for traveling in a wheelchair is to make sure that the city where you will be staying is accessible outside of just the hotel. Are the restaurants around you wheelchair accessible? Is there transportation available to you that is wheelchair accessible? Are there tours in the city that are wheelchair accessible? Those are some important questions to consider when researching your vacation.

Make Sure Your Mode of Transportation Is Accessible

You want to ensure that you are able to get to your travel destination. If you are traveling by bus, Megabus is one of the many travel companies that are wheelchair accessible. If you are traveling by plane, some airlines that are wheelchair accessible are Delta, United, and Allegiant.

Plan Out Your Trip In Advanced

The earlier you make reservations for different places, book hotel rooms, and other things in relation to those, the more flexibility you will have. If a problem with your flight or hotel pops up, booking earlier gives more time to fix the problem or make changes. One rule of thumb to follow is if you are planning to take a vacation in the summertime, start planning it in the fall or winter. And if you are planning to take your vacation in the winter, plan your trip in the spring or summer. This will give you more time to make changes if needed.

Bring Back Up Tools and A Doctor’s Note

Just in case if things do not go as planned, at least you will have the right tools and information in hand to help. For example, if your wheelchair is damaged in the process of traveling, you might be able to use the backup tools to fix it. It is also a good idea to bring a doctor’s note with you on your trip. Bring it just in case something happens to you or if you need to explain your situation.

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