Three Travel Agencies Accomodating Travelers with Disabilities

Three Travel Agencies Accomodating Travelers with Disabilities

When traveling with a disability, it’s always crucial to find accomodations that are not only suitable to you, but also your travel needs. There are a vareity of travel agencies out there, many of which accomodate the disabled traveler.

Hammer Travel

Hammer Travel is a travel agency that provides opportunities for developmental disabilities that are “unique, safe, and enjoyable.” They cater to both individuals and groups. Hammer Travel also offers week-long planned trips that involve many places and destinations mostly throughout the United States, though some are international based. A few of their most popular destinations include San Francisco, Paris and London, New York City, and Cancun, Mexico.

Flying Wheels Travel

Flying Wheels Travel caters to those with physical disabilities, chronic illness, or difficulty walking. They provide these individuals with the opportunity to explore and extend their lifestyle with a unique travel experience. Their goal is to empower everyone, including the individual’s family members to travel┬áthe world.

This travel agency offers fully accessible travel packages–including independent travel, escorted travel, and hosted travel. The purpose of an escorted travel tour is to ensure that your travel goes smoothly.

New Directions

New Directions is a non-profit organization specializing in leisure and education travel opportunities for teenagers, adults, and seniors with brain impairments from mild to moderate developmental disabilties, cerebral palsy, Down Sydrome, and autism. They have taken more than 12,000 people with disabilities on tours all over the world since 1985.

Some of their most popular trips include San Diego, Las Vegas, Kennedy Space Center in Florida, New York City, Hawaii, and Spring Training in Arizona. They also take individuals and groups on international trips, including South African Safaris and a Mexican cruise.

About the Author: Sam is a guest contributor from Global Lift Corp., an ADA compliant pool lift manufacturer.