Travel Tips: Traveling With Your Pet

Travel Tips: Traveling With Your Pet

Sometimes traveling is only fun for people if they get to bring their best friend, or in other words their pet, along with them. But unfortunately, traveling with pets is not as easy as it sounds. In some situations, traveling with a pet can make traveling itself more stressful than it already is. No worries, these tips below are here to make traveling with your pet easier!

General Tips

  • Pets tend to get motion sickness when they are moving in a car or on a plane. To avoid motion sickness, don’t feed your dog right before you board them on a plane or go on a road trip. They are likely to hurl. Feed them four to six hours before leaving.
  • Make sure your pet is vaccinated and healthy before going on vacation.
  • Animals like dogs tend to get anxious in strange places and when they are separated from their owners. To help this, try to keep your pet calm and close to home. Bring their favorite thing from home to comfort them.
  • Be sure to pack a pet travel kit with everything they need including their food, treats, bowls, leash, toys, and anything else they will need.
  • Make sure your pet has some sort of identification tag or chip before traveling. This ensures that if something were to happen to your pet, all of your information will be on them so they can find you again.


  • When traveling in a car, be sure to stop often so that your pet can have bathroom breaks, get some fresh air, and use their energy for a bit.
  • Never leave your pet in a car alone. This is so dangerous for them and it should never be done.


  • If you know that you are going to bring you pet with you before hand, try to book a pet friendly flight that departs during off-peak hours. Flying during off-peak hours means that there will be less people on an easier flight. The less people, the less commotion and hassle it will be to bring your pet.
  • Make sure you have the proper pet carriers that are specific for plane travel. Showing up at the airport with the wrong pet carrier at check-in will push back your flight time a lot.
  • Notify someone on the plane, either the pilot or the flight attendant that you are flying with a pet. They will make sure the right people know about your pet, and they will know that there is a pet on the flight if there is an emergency.

About the Author: Tori is a guest contributor from Historic Smithton Inn, a pet friendly and historic bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania.