Why Should You Visit Texas

Why Should You Visit Texas

They say “Don’t Mess with Texas”, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit there. If your view of Texas is Chuck Norris driving a truck or radical gun loving republicans than you need to investigate a little more. Texas is the largest state in the continental United States and has a population, land size, and economy greater than many European countries. The largest ranch in Texas, called “King Ranch”, is the size of Rhode Island. For nine years Texas was an independent nation, something that has impacted Texan pride in their state. But for all the clichés and history, Texas is one of the most diverse and exciting places to visit and here’s why…

Big Cities:

Texas is home to some of the largest cities in the United States. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Austin are an assorted group of big cities that each have their specific flavor. Whether it’s the economic juggernaut of Dallas, the space seeking Houston, historic San Antonio, or trendy Austin, Texas’ big cities are some of the greatest jewels in the United States. Explore, indulge, and discover the beauty of Texas’ mighty cities.

Small Towns:

In contrast to the towering mega-cities, Texas is full of small towns that are quintessentially American. Stay at a place like Murski Homestead, a bed and breakfast in Brenham, Texas outside the city lights of Houston. Explore the prairie and learn how to do some old home country cooking Texas style. Texas’ small towns make the state special even as much as the major cities. So take some time to explore a small Texan town, and truly understand the attractiveness of an American small town.


Texas has had six different nations claim rule over the land (Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the U.S.). This diverse ruling class means that Texas has historic ties to various cultures and regions within the state.  By visiting Texas, you will be welcomed to a land of diversity and be able to engross into various cultures.


There are over 268,000 square miles in Texas and some of the largest nature areas in the United States. From oceans to lakes to rivers and canyons, Texas’ vast land is home to the beautiful scenery of the southwest United States. There are national parks in every corner of the state including the famous Big Bend national park on the banks of the steep Rio Grande River. Grab some hiking shoes and explore the wonders of Texas’ nature.

The West:

Watch Ken Burns’ “The West” and you’ll understand why Texas is such a significant park of America’s western frontier. In Texas there’s a spoken pride in being the jewel of the west. You’ll see it in the dress, imagery, and speech. So don’t be ashamed to visit the Alamo or a cowboy ghost town, it’s part of Texas’ bloodlines to appreciate and celebrate their heritage of the American west.