Water Exercises for People in Wheelchairs

Water Exercises for People in Wheelchairs

Cardio is a major key to a healthy lifestyle. Even if you use a wheelchair, there are still plenty of ways to perform cardio exercises to keep you moving and to stay healthy. Water exercises can be very therapeutic and beneficial for people who use wheelchairs. This is because while performing exercises in the water, it will put less pressure on joints. Here are some water exercises that people who use wheelchairs can do by themselves and with the help of others.

Bicep Curl

Perform this exercise like you would normally out of water. All you will need is two weights. Start with the weights at your side, then curl one weight upwards towards your chest. With the weight being underwater, it makes it harder to lift it, resulting in more calories burned. Make sure you perform this work out the same number of times on each side.

Noodle Plank

This exercise is just like a normal plank but underwater. For this exercise, you will need a pool noodle and maybe some assistance. Put the noodle in both hands and push it down until your head is the only thing at the surface of the pool. Then, hold this position for a few minutes or so. If you need some assistance with keeping your legs straight, ask someone who is with you to help do so.

Ladder Pull-Up

This exercise is like the regular pull-up exercise except it is underwater and you are using a ladder. Simply place your hands or arms on the pool ladder and pull yourself up. Doing this in the water will be easier then doing this on land simply because you weigh lighter in water than you do on land.

Underwater Sit-Up

Assistance may be needed for this one. Have someone that you are with hold your legs at the edge of a pool. Now, you are in regular sit-up position but underwater. You can cross your arms over your chest or you can place your arms behind your head. Once you complete a sit-up, make sure you stick your head out so you can get fresh air between sit-ups.

Triceps Dips

For this exercise, you are going to want to have your back on the pool wall. Using your arms, place them behind you, and then pull yourself up making your waist at the same level as the edge of the pool. You will be able to burn plenty of calories doing this in the water.

About the Author: Gerald is a guest contributor from Global Lift Corp, a company that specializes in creating commercial grade pool lifts.