Travel Agents

Travel Access services Corporation provides a credible, dynamic, highly detailed online travel information database to assist tour and travel agents to expand their market & enhance service levels when planning travel for disabled and elderly persons with mobility difficulties.

The key feature of the interactive database, not offered by any of its competitors, lies in the database and user interface.

This software combination allows travel agents to save personal information regarding the accessibility needs of their clients. The basic registration will save up to 15 traveler profiles regarding specific information about disability related requirements that are matched with the specifications listed by service providers for accommodations, restaurants, transportation services and medical supply services.

Why consider this opportunity?

  • You will have access to a terrific marketing avenue
  • You can research your clients needs immediately
  • Your cost for research can be significantly reduced
  • Your ability to achieve client satisfaction is more effective
  • You can maintain and alter your clients accessibility needs easily for future service
  • You can demonstrate in a strong way your corporate commitment to serving the disabled traveler

Is there a market?

A survey published by TASC resulted in the following

  • 95.2% of the respondents use the internet when they plan their travel
  • 60.0% said they don’t find information easily
  • 100.0% said that the travel industry has not seriously considered the disabled traveler in their marketing
  • 95.2% of the respondents said that they felt the travel industry should do more regarding travel information for disabled persons