What Not to Wear to a Wedding

What Not to Wear to a Wedding

The wedding invitation usually indicates the type of attire the guests should be wearing, but still, there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to appropriateness. Shopping for the right outfit is hard enough, and you surely don’t want to spend money and have a fashion faux pas right on the wedding day. So as not to earn the ire of the marrying couple, follow our simple guide of what not to wear on a wedding and you’ll be sure to be invited to more weddings!

Don’t wear black.

Traditionally speaking, black connotes mourning and death and this is definitely not what you want to exude at the wedding. If you look good in black and want to stick with this color, make sure that the dress is sleek and trendy and won’t look like a funeral garb. Sequins will work to add some shine and fun, as well as cocktail dresses.

Don’t expose too much flesh.

Sure, you look great in your skimpy little number and your legs have never looked longer. BUT there’s a time and place for everything and weddings are not it. Don’t deviate attention from the bride by showing off your assets.

Don’t go for T-shirts and jeans.

No matter how casual the wedding is, you simply cannot attend the wedding in your T-shirt and jeans. Even if it is just a backyard wedding, you can’t show up as if you just grabbed whatever’s available in your closet. The safest outfit for a casual wedding is a simple dress or khakis and long-sleeve shirt. And just in case you haven’t gotten the hint yet, flip-flops and plastic footwear are a huge no-no, unless it is explicitly stated in the invitation.

Don’t wear a tux.

A white dinner jacket is only appropriate if it’s a black-tie event or if you’re part of the wedding party. If not, don’t try to upstage the groom and the bride by wearing a super-suit. Dress down in a sport coat and you should look great.

Don’t even think about the tiara.

No, this party is not for you or about you, so leave the tiara alone and don’t pull people’s attention from the bride by wearing one. Unless you’re a 6-year-old flower girl, you’ll only look ridiculous wearing a crown or ornamental headband that can be mistaken as a tiara or something that the bride may wear.

Don’t be mistaken as the bride.

As a general rule, don’t wear anything that can be mistaken for a wedding dress. Of course, wearing white may be possible if you go about it the right way. For example, you can wear a simple, off-white dress or skirt but make sure that your outfit looks very different or the total opposite of the bride’s gown.

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