Why I Keep Coming Back to Half Moon Bay Brewery

Why I Keep Coming Back to Half Moon Bay Brewery

Half Moon Bay is known for everything related to beaches and oceans—as well as its brewery. The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is a top beach bar and restaurant destination in the San Mateo County, as the Travel + Leisure Magazine would attest. Locals and travelers have made it a place of gathering for great food, beer, and conversation. Besides its dreamy venue right next to the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of reasons why I keep coming back to this place whenever I visit Half Moon Bay.

Great Food, Great Beer

I always expect the freshest of ingredients whenever I dine at the restaurant, especially the just-caught seafood abundant on the Northern California coast. Even if you’re not into seafood, the chef has other tricks under his sleeves, like his scrumptious burgers, crunchy salads, and unique appetizers that you can only find here. Don’t forget the clam chowder that even Cape Cod could only wish for.

Mavericks Brews & Views

A great reason to visit on the first Thursday of the month is the Mavericks Brews & Views, a platform for ordinary people to get together and discuss current issues. You wouldn’t expect that from an ordinary bar. The best thing about this socio-political event is I get to meet active members of the society from historians and environmentalists, to mayors and educators.

A Green-Certified Business

Because of their environmentally-friendly policies, Half Moon Bay Brewing has earned this green achievement for its low energy and water usage and use of sustainable seafood. They also actively participate in the community’s recycling programs. (At least I know where those cans and bottles go.)

Donates to Charity

They deserve respect for giving back to the community ever since they made their business successful. More than $500,000 has been donated to scholarships and charities since the brewery’s inception. Every year, at least $10,000 of their earnings goes to scholarships for students from Half Moon Bay. It’s always heartwarming to hear how a local business strives to contribute to the society and its youth.

A Friend to Man’s Best Friend

How wonderful it is not to worry about leaving my pet in my room at Mill Rose Inn, a bed and breakfast a few minutes away from the restaurant. Half Moon Bay Brewery is a dog-friendly hangout and your pets also receive a homemade dog treat called Maverick Bones made from spent grains from their artisanal beers. So I guess you could tell who won the Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant in 2012.